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You’ve got to savour every minute. They’re hard to win, these games.


There’s been a lot of talk about our attack and rightly so. We’ve got some special players in this side. But our defence tonight was fantastic and the hard work that our forwards did – I’m so proud of the effort they put in. They really did put their bodies on the line.


Dane is a special player. He does a lot for this team away from the field as well. His energy is infectious and he works especially hard and it’s not a fluke what he does out there.


Kalyn’s got big shoes to fill for that Queensland No.1 jersey but he’s more than up for the challenge. He’ll make that jersey his own and I think he did everything he could tonight to help us win the game and it’s a pleasure to see him play such good footy at such a high level.





It’s an arena I enjoy. The atmosphere is unreal, running out to 50-60 booing you is a different feeling. But I got a taste of it and I want more of it.


I wasn’t planning on going off but that was the coach’s decision and whatever the coach needs from me I’m happy to do.



The boys came up clutch. Bigtime players make bigtime plays and Dane made that intercept at a crucial time.


We’ve got a job to do, we’re chasing all three. So that’s one of three.


You wouldn’t chase anything less would you. No one goes into Origin saying you’re going to win two out of three.


We’re here to win all three and that’s what we’re going to do.





When I got to the halfway line, I looked up at the big screen straight ahead of me and I saw the Foxx (Josh Addo-Carr) running behind.


I couldn’t see how far he was but I knew he doesn’t need much time to catch somebody.


Then I had to focus, make sure I held my form, and I managed to get over.


To be honest, I was a little bit fatigued and then they ended up running down our side there. I felt there was an opportunity to come up with a play and luckily I made the play, otherwise Addo-Carr was going over untouched.


Once I got that ball, it was just back yourself and run.


When that siren goes and it’s game over, for me, that was more enjoyable than that try. All the hard work and effort from the boys, especially the debutants … it was a great team effort.


Once the siren goes at the end of the game that’s where the joy is for me, not scoring those individual tries or those accolades.


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