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Time was flying

When I holed the final putt and was in that moment, time was flying. Looking back now of at footage of having beer sprayed on me and sharing hugs, I can tell I didn’t really understand what I’d achieved by holing that putt, becoming the first Australian woman in 13 years to win a major tournament.


I was lucky to have so many people there who mean so much to me for that first win. Sometimes my mum comes to watch, sometimes my dad comes, but never at the same time as they think it’s added pressure.


But having those friends there just helped me with my nerves, them screaming ‘Greeny!’, making me feel good, pumping me up and helping me get over the line.


To share the moment with Karrie, my idol, Su Oh my best friend, Jarryd my boyfriend and a couple of up-and-coming players from Australia, it was an amazing moment for all of us to be part of.


Every time there’s a major on, we have an Aussie BBQ or we try to play practice rounds together. We are good at supporting each other out on tour.


I felt we are one team. Karrie said in a press conference that she felt she just won because she was out there supporting me and watching me.


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Bye NYC ???

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You have to reward yourself

The winner’s cheque was for $US577,000 ($829,000). I had no idea I had made that much money until later, back at the house, one of the girls said I’d won over half a million dollars.


Money is a big part of golf. Not so much for what it buys you but what it earns you. Players are ranked by earnings and last year I was more concerned about how much I was making to keep my card.


I didn’t want to go to qualifying school again, especially after having a good start. I was more concerned halfway through the year, but as it went on I picked up enough.



This winner’s cheque means I’m on the top 10 on the money list. I’ll get into some events I didn’t get to do last year.


There are a couple of things I want to buy but I can’t find them in Perth. That’s probably not a bad thing! When I was with Jarryd in New York, we went past the two shops where I could get them and I said I want to buy this and that.


It’s crazy now a couple of weeks later I can get them because I’ve earned it. You have to reward yourself after your first win.


My mum never really had any desire to play golf but she knows everything about it. When I go back on tour she’s coming to France with me. Hopefully, we can do a few things.


Before that I might head back to Hillview and play nine holes with Dad. Our last game was at the start of the year and I definitely beat him that time.


He went out on Saturday and said he got bombarded by his friends congratulating him. Maybe in a couple of weeks when things have died down a little more, I’ll give him another game. Try to clear that lake again.



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