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Gavin Fitness took me under his wing when I was 15. I wanted to do extra training sessions.


I didn’t know who was a good coach and who wasn’t, but I think he must have seen something in me.


He has a lot of mongrel in him and I think he saw that in me. He’s a pretty good judge of character, whether you’re taking about cricketers or dodgy blokes!


I’ve always respected the importance of getting honest feedback from people. I’ve seen many coaches give feedback but they just piss in the kid’s pocket to look after themselves.


If I’m out of line, he’ll pull me into line. I can call him wherever I am in the world at any time and I’ll get a response from him sooner rather than later.


That’s so critical for me to mature, grow up and learn to become the cricketer he knows I can be.


He had a decent playing career and didn’t want me to make the same mistakes he made. Little things in my game, technically, tactically, physically.


The best satisfaction I can give him is scoring runs.



That mentoring side is about keeping your feet on the ground if you’re going well, picking you up if you’re going shit. Just maintaining that level of consistency.


In the IPL this year, I had a couple of low scores and all he said was ‘hands under the eyes, or hit slightly later’, just a little thing. I knew exactly what he was talking about.



I knew I was going to cop flak

I’m all or nothing. I love going fast. I do everything 100 miles an hour and that’s been something instilled in me from an early age and I guess moulded me as a cricketer and a person.


At 29, I don’t think I’m going to change my blueprint.


The last couple of years in Sheffield Shield, time on feet was a big thing for me. My body wasn’t holding up to where I wanted it to be.


Swimming, rugby league, AFL   the sports I played as a junior  helped me hit the ball harder than ever. I had two years with the Broncos in juniors.


There was an initiative from CA to have wickets prepared flat, so every game there were 500s scored in an innings. Not the kind of cricket I wanted to play. You are in the field a day and a half minimum. I didn’t like that.


The way franchise cricket was opening up around the world, I thought here’s a pathway someone has never taken before so I’m going to start my own trail and go at it.


I knew I was going to cop a bit of flak here and there and Cricket Australia weren’t too happy. But I made my decision and I’m going to own the decisions I’ve made.


The moment you doubt yourself and back pedal, that’s the moment you start looking a bit silly.


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I missed Andrew Symonds by a year at Queensland. Just missed Jimmy Maher. Just missed Andy Bichel, Kasper … if I’m honest, Queensland cricket lost a bit of character with them when they left.


I’m trying to bring that back to the younger boys now. I’m not in and around the Queensland Bulls a helluva lot but can implement that through the Brisbane Heat.


Get out, go have a beer, interact with the public. Go to a Broncos or Lions game, don’t be a homebody just because you’re a professional athlete.


There’s a time and place you can go out and enjoy yourself if you’re still putting in the hard work. I think Queensland cricket, in the last five years or so, we’ve lost that.


I love going out having a beer, but as long as I’m working my arse off there shouldn’t be an issue.




It had been a focus of mine to play at the World Cup that just finished, which is why I played the JLT season.


I had a good season, but then I didn’t quite manage to put the runs on the board in the one-dayers against South Africa, so I was a little bit disappointed with that.


I’m certainly not disappointed or angry or bitter about not playing the World Cup at all or being dropped. I didn’t put the runs on the board.


To play for Australia is a bonus. After I smacked them for a few years in the Big Bash and then didn’t make the T20 squad for the last World Cup, people were blowing up and I said, ‘It doesn’t matter’.


I get to play for Brisbane Heat, still get to go to the Caribbean Premier League, do all these awesome things. I do care but I’m not going to lose sleep over it.


With the T20 WC coming up again next year, it’s a goal of mine but if I don’t get picked I’ve got a cool life the way it is, still got my family and friends around me.


It’s what I’ve always known and didn’t know much else.


I love the challenge of getting back up the canvas and keep trying to throw the punches. It’s something that burns inside me and I’ve got unfinished business as well.


The best feeling in the world is walking out to bat at the Gabba and I don’t want that to end. I’m still here and I want to be here for a while.



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