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I have no idea how many points behind Scott McLaughlin I am in the Drivers’ Championship. All I know is that I’m second heading into the final round in Newcastle this weekend, and that’s it.


The truth is, I don’t want to know. As far as I’m concerned, it’s as simple as this: if I drive to the best of my ability, the result is in my hands.


All I need is two good days.


What I do know for certain, is that we’re in for some crazy racing and a whole lot of fun. It’s two tough races, 250km each day and a classic Holden v Ford duel. Triple Eight v DJR Team Penske.


DJR Team Penske are a team that has come a long way in the last couple of years, which has been awesome to see. Scott fought it out for the championship last year, just missing out to Jamie in a thrilling finale. This year, he’s led the standings for a fair chunk of the season and been an awesome competitor every step of the way.


And now we’re here. Two Kiwis up the front and the Championship on the line. I think that’s pretty cool. Hopefully we can put on a good show.


I would rather live there if I could because Australia’s just too hot this time of year – not even the air-cons are enough for me – and nothing beats a New Zealand summer!


I’ve been asked whether our teammates could play a big role in how things pan out this weekend, but I don’t know about that. Of course, every driver does his bit for the team, but it won’t be a big factor, I don’t think.


Craig and Jamie have their own race on. They are third and fourth respectively, neck and neck on points. Neither one of them will want to give up a spot on the podium, that’s for sure.


That’s the great thing about Supercars at the moment; the competition is getting closer and closer every year. I think that’s awesome.





We brought Supercars to Newcastle for the first time last year and it was completely epic. If there’s one thing I took away from 2017, it’s that anything can happen on this track.


The spectacle was huge, with the circuit winding all through the city and along the waterfront.


After the first session, we still couldn’t get to the limit. You’ve got to be on the edge the whole way around this track and it took a little while for us to get up to speed.


When it got to the racing though, we all just went for it. It was pretty unreal how everything panned out.


Jamie had gone into the weekend with a small lead over Scotty in the championship but a big mistake in race one cost him. He had a DNF, while Scotty took the win, which made Jamie a long shot for Sunday.


That was just the start of the rollercoaster.



For race two, I feel like I had the best seat in the house out on the track, watching it all unfold and hearing the championship lead change hands each lap.


Scott copped a couple of penalties and was sitting mid-pack as it went down to the final lap of the season. At that point, it was actually looking like he might finish level on points with Jamie. It was that close.


And then he crashed into Craig Lowndes. You couldn’t make it up. The incident earned Scott a third penalty and pretty much sealed the Championship for Jamie, who won the race.


I know how Scott must feel. It’s tough watching victory pass you by. I won the championship in 2016, and nothing since has given me that same rush.


The thing about winning is that you don’t want anyone else to have that amazing feeling. Drivers are pretty selfish in that way I guess. But really, that’s why we all do what we do.


This year, Scotty is trying to take that feeling away from me. And I’m trying to take it away from him.


I can’t wait.


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