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A message for our politicians

I recently saw some footage from when our prime minister, Scott Morrison, visited a little country town called Cobargo that had been devastated by the bushfires.


Many of the people he met there refused to shake his hand because they felt like fighting these bushfires should have been a priority for our government, and it wasn’t.


As the leader of our country, I don’t think Scott Morrison has done enough to be honest. At the very least, he was far too slow to act, while people were losing their lives and families were losing their homes. There is nothing worse than that.


Right now, nothing is more important than helping these people and putting the fires out. So, if I could say anything to our politicians, it’s imagine you’re in the same position as these people who have been impacted.


Imagine your family home is in the path of these fires. Imagine that you don’t have much money, and don’t know where to turn. Imagine that the fires have come through, and you’ve lost everything except the clothes on your back.


Think about those things, and show some compassion. Put everything else aside for however long it takes, and let’s get this sorted.



For now, politics shouldn’t matter. We are where we are, and we’ve just got to get in and help. But for the future, after this emergency situation eases a little, I think we need to make some changes.


I think a lot about climate change and the impact that it’s having on the environment. The time will come when our leaders will need to sit down and figure out what we can do to protect our environment. It’s urgent that we find a solution.




Rebuilding together

My promise to donate $200 per ace was for the whole summer and I’m going to keep that. But when these fires eventually do go out – which they will – we have to remember that the job is not done. That’s when the rebuild will start.


We’ll need to get roofs over the heads of those families who have lost everything and begin to heal our land and animals.


We’re all capable of making a difference. You don’t need to have money and you don’t need to be a public figure to be a part of this.


If you’re thinking, ‘How can I help if I can only give a little? What’s the point?’, well, every little bit helps, and if we all work together then we can make a big impact.


Head to Nick’s Facebook page to donate now.


We’ve already lost more than half a billion precious Australian animals – this tragedy ain’t going to stop anytime…

Posted by Nick Kyrgios on Thursday, 9 January 2020


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