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Year in Review

Building a new life

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Year in Review

Building a new life


Few athletes have endured a career transition as abrupt and painful as Alex McKinnon. As he begins the next chapter of his life, Alex talks to other sportspeople about the issues and challenges they have confronted in retirement.



I’ve got to rescue myself

Shane Webcke – Contributor


He was technically bankrupt at the end of his NRL career. But one piece of advice from Wayne Bennett turned Shane Webcke’s life around.



Agony, confusion, despair, hope

Jharal Yow Yeh – Conributor


When Brisbane Broncos star Jharal Yow Yeh suffered his career-ending ankle injury aged just 22, he became a ‘different, weird, depressed person’.


This is why his future is now a whole lot brighter.



The Women who saved my husband

Nici Andronicus – Contributor


Champion triathlete Nici Andronicus had her world turned upside down when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Eventually, an incredible group of women helped saved her husband’s life.



Fear of the next dollar

Brett Mullins – Contributor


As a young man, Brett Mullins thought money and footy would last forever. Now 46, the former star Canberra Raiders fullback explains how everything changed.



By my side

Paul Harragon – Contributor


“In my heart I knew, I could tell the life force, it wasn’t there.”


Paul Harragon was there when Alex McKinnon was injured. In this episode of Transitions, they chat about how that night impacted their community and what retirement really means.




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