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Year in Review

Stories more than skin deep

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Year in Review

Stories more than skin deep


It isn’t just body art. It’s a life story. Leading athletes from across the nation shared with AthletesVoice the influences and inspiration behind their tattoos.



The sister I never met

Kevin Naiqama – Contributor


‘I try to imagine what it would be like if I still had her here.’ 


Kevin Naiqama’s first tattoo was for his late sister, Wila. She will never be forgotten.



The Lessons etched on my skin

Mitch Robinson – Contributor


‘I was tarnishing the Robinson name. It was a tough pill to swallow.’


In the first episode of ‘Ink’, Brisbane Lions midfielder Mitch Robinson reveals the deeply personal stories behind his body art.



Rebuilding a burned bridge

Chloe Logarzo – Contributor


‘I left my family and started a life that took me down a path that wasn’t me.’


Chloe Logarzo‘s tattoos tell the story of coming out, a difficult decision and reconnecting with those she loves.



In Memoriam every free throw

Jerome Randle – Contributor


Crime, drugs and Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. That was the Chicago of Jerome Randle‘s childhood.


He escaped through basketball. A special family member did not.



Honouring my murdered cousins

Kieran Govers – Contributor


‘On their grave, it says two tiny rosebuds God picked to bloom in heaven.’


Kookaburras star Kieran Govers shares the tragic story behind his most intimate tattoo.




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